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    Compiling this set of free CV/resume templates, we took into account all the mentioned key points. Waitress & Maid Resume Template includes PSD, PDF, AI, and EPS options. It is ready to be .. Use Online Portfolio to Get a Dream Job. A portfolio resume is all about format and design. Our templates make it easy to create your own professional portfolio. Illustrated Interactive PDF Resume by crew55design CS6 Idml CS5 or Professional Resume Template, Cover Letter for MS Word, Best CV Design, Instant How to select work for your graphic design portfolio, a tips + advice video.

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    Pdf Resume Cv Portfolio

    Résumés, CV's and Portfolios *. I. Resume. • Purpose o A brief (one or two page) document that highlights your attributes, achievements, and experience. 20 Free CV / Resume Templates with Cover Letter & Portfolio Pages. 20 Free CV Free Resume Template available in Doc, PSD, AI & PDF. Download. A multi-page resume including cover letter, CV, image portfolio page and . The resume is supplied in AI format so you can easily export a PDF.

    LinkedIn is the number-one online networking tool for professionals and job seekers. With that in mind, it might make sense to upload a resume to LinkedIn. How to upload your resume to LinkedIn anyway If you want your resume on your LinkedIn profile, there is a logical place for it in your top header underneath your name, headline , and summary. LinkedIn allows you to upload files to this section. To upload your resume to this LinkedIn profile section: Click on the edit icon in the top right corner. After all, LinkedIn allows you to dive into your past experiences much more than you can with a standard resume. Focus on building out your LinkedIn profile content rather than simply using it as a home for your resume. Additionally, LinkedIn already allows users to download a resume-style.

    Cut all the extraneous information, long job descriptions and positions from years ago. If you want to provide additional details or information, use LinkedIn or a personal portfolio website and include a link on your resume.

    Instead, highlight a few key project problems and solutions that you developed. Did you create a user interface that resulted in higher conversion rates for an e-commerce customer? Or did you help a client drop their bounce rate with a redesign? Explain how you did it. Outline the problem and solution. Design for a Good User Experience Just like you would design for the user of a digital product, you want to create a pleasurable user experience for readers of your resume as well.

    Consider these key components in the design; Typefaces: Stick to two typefaces or less. Make sure each is highly readable with a medium stroke weight.

    10 Free Professional HTML & CSS CV/Resume Templates

    Stay away from handwriting or novelty typefaces. Simple serifs or sans serifs are often best. Whitespace: Include plenty of space between elements and increase the amount of space between sections so that there is a natural flow from section to section with more white space between unlike elements.

    Color: Stick to black text on a white document. This makes for easy printing — and easy black and white printing — for whoever will look at your resume. Readability: Line length, breaks in phrases and copy and contrast impact how easy it is for readers to scan the design and pick out key points. Conclusion The skills that make you a great UX designer can also help you create a killer resume if you think about it carefully.

    Consider your audience and how they will read and use your resume to hopefully contact and hire you. While this might be easier said than done, a good resume should be a highly usable design that shows off your skills at a glance.

    Need more inspiration? Check out the curated UX case study gallery. Delivered to 7. Welcome to the club. An attractive design and great starting point to developing your own stand out creative resume.

    More of a visual guide, this resume template uses icons to reveal interests and a chart-type system for strengths in various skills.

    The file is in. Free resume template with business card Image: Alamin Mir Download here This standout free resume template design created by Alamin Mir, in collaboration with Grapphiora was Pixelll , provides the perfect starting point to update your CV. A multi-page resume including cover letter, CV, image portfolio page and bonus two-sided business card, this free pack is fully customisable. It also uses a free font, which is great for anyone wanting to keep the same design as displayed.

    IEEE - IEEE ResumeLab

    For more great fonts at no cost, see our free fonts roundup. Graphic designer resume Download here This A4-sized free resume template is a great starting point for any graphic designer looking to update their CV.

    The PSD file is fully customisable within Photoshop, with multicolour options and well labeled and organised layers ready for making your own. It's clear, professional and there's room for a mug shot right at the top — smile! Material design resume Image: Ikono For a stand-out resume with an on-trend look, this template, inspired by Google's Material Design framework, is excellent.

    It includes areas for professional profile, work experience, education, skill circles, skill bars, social media icons and images, and it's supplied in A4-size format for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. A portfolio resume is a type of creative resume that showcases examples of your work along with the usual resume information about your work experience. Best suited for creative fields like photography or graphic design, a portfolio resume is an excellent way to let potential employers take a look at your best projects.

    Resume portfolios can also work well for some other industries, like teaching , in which showing professional creativity and examples of your work is a bonus. Many professionals will instead have a portfolio that is separate from their resume.

    However, a modern, creative employer may be impressed by your ability to combine your resume and portfolio into a single, eye-catching document.

    A portfolio resume is all about format and design. Our templates make it easy to create your own professional portfolio without having to come up with the design on your own.

    Also, there are some design and formatting techniques you can use to customize the template to target a particular job. Bright orange circle charts and graphs used to rank skills, experience, attributes. Display headshots, photos, art work. Great imagery for artistic, creative, design job seekers. The most daring of resume portfolios need only be one page long.

    In fact, the one page length is a good choice for visual industries like graphic design and photography. It shows your ability to use images and design effectively with the added challenge of limited space. However, some resume portfolios should be longer. Instead, make the first page of your resume portfolio stand alone, and follow it with other pages that show your accomplishments.

    Our professional portfolio templates provide space for images and graphics on the same page as your other resume information. You can use the template to create a one page portfolio, or use the template as the first page and add more pages of your work to create a longer portfolio. Make sure every image is of the highest quality possible, so it will look nice in any format it is viewed in. Multiple pages or blocks of text can be tiring to the eye. Consider choosing images that have a cohesive color scheme for your portfolio.

    For example, you might choose images with mostly cool colors, like green, blue, and purple; or choose to have one color that is present in all the pictures on your portfolio. Too many colors can be tiring to the eye, but picking one or two accent colors besides black is an effective way to add visual interest. Even if your portfolio resume does not use many images, color can highlight important information and be more eye-catching.

    Take inspiration from our professional resume templates below, and then use your own images and color choices to make your unique portfolio. A career portfolio takes the portfolio resume concept one step further in a multiple-page document that thoroughly covers your career to date.

    30 Best Free Resume Templates For Architects

    Your career portfolio will be longer and more detailed than a typical portfolio resume. You will want to keep this document in a professional three-ring binder and update it regularly.

    Organize your career portfolio into sections. Use page numbers and a table of contents to make the information easy to find, as well as tabs or dividers between sections. Consider taking your career portfolio with you to your next interview — having physical examples of your career highlights is a good way to impress an interviewer.

    Many modern job-seekers will make a digital portfolio resume, which may supplement an on-paper version in their job search. Much of the same advice that applies to print resumes also applies to online portfolios.

    Potential employers should be able to find important information about your abilities and experience quickly.

    Choose colors and fonts that are attractive, not overwhelming or distracting.

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