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Draco Veritas Chapter One: Through Silver and Glass. ***. It was December, and it was freezing cold in the Potions dungeon, but. Snape didn´t care. Draco Dormiens. Part One of the Draco Trilogy. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various. Draco Sinister. Part Two of the Draco Trilogy. By Cassandra Claire. Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK.

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The Draco Trilogy is a Draco-centric epic written and posted in instalments by Cassandra Clare over a period of six years, consisting three novel-length stories: . Posts about Draco Veritas Pdf written by IncognoSuitor. Edit 23/05/** All three stories can be reached here, available as EPUB, AZW3, and PDF.

They were still Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco, but with her own spin on the personalities. What the author of this post was saying was that Cassandra took those spins in personality of her fanfiction, and put them into the personalities of her original characters in TMI. But I agree with you whole-heartedly. I adore the series and all that it has to offer. November 22, at am said: Totally true! Spanghews on November 22, at pm said: I am surprised but unsurprised at this.

That's just really strange. Ron was paired with Hermione, and Harry Why would he subject him to Potter? It's just assumed he's saying it with his voice. Malfoy was the first to get to his feet.

Casting an icy glance at Harry, he stalked up to the front of the room, grabbed the potion, and stalked back to where Harry was sitting. That does not fulfill Snape's demand of 'get up here, both of you ' Harry cast an anguished glance at Ron and Hermione, who gazed back in sympathy.

How else would they be drinking it? She'd have to be a pretty big girl. He pulled out one of his own hairs, took a mouthful of potion, dropped his hair into the cup, and handed the cup back to Draco, who drained it. What a weird order to do all that in.

Draco Veritas - Fanlore

Wouldn't most normal people grab the cup, put their hair in the other cup and then swallow? Because Harry would have had to sit there with a gross potion in his mouth for much longer then needed. At the same time, they swallowed. So, what? Harry just held the gross potion in his mouth, waiting for Draco to swallow? Why didn't the just drain their cups at the same time?

Draco doubled up, gasping, as a horrible feeling, as if his skin were melting, washed over him. He threw out a hand to steady himself, and another wave of nausea broke over him as he saw his skin turning from pale to brown Saying brown implies that Harry is, well, brown. He's probably closer to pink or peach. From somewhere above his head, he heard Harry say, "Urrrgh! Who's doing this, Harry or Draco? In real life In real life?

Isn't this Harry's real life? Because, you know, Harry's never lost his glasses before nor does he ever take them off to shower or sleep or when he transformed into He looked up and saw his own face staring back, chalk-white with surprise, but with a bit of a grin on it. Not how Polyjuice potion works. Making this a violation of canon. I mean, seriously, in this particular situation, I could kiss myself.

He went over to Ron and Hermione, who were busy laughing, although they stopped abruptly when Harry walked up, and gaped at him. As soon as Harry sat down, Malfoy muttered, "Enjoying being me, Potter?

Yeah, Harry is soooooo scared of Draco Malfoy, let me tell you. It was really difficult to look at Draco and see his own face screwed up with dislike, the green eyes he saw every morning in the mirror now regarding him with contempt.

Everyone else has. Everyone had resumed their seats, back in their own bodies. Snape had gone back to lecturing about the uses of Polyjuice Potion, And just totally ignored Harry Potter chattering on in the back of his class?

Not likely. Harry looked wildly down at himself, then back at Draco. Also, they all drank from the same potion. There's no reason it would act differently for Harry and Draco. None at all. Because all proud, muggle hating purebloods wear something as obviously Muggle as Rolex watches. Two things: With him not noticing. It's American. Then he started to laugh. This was too much for Harry, who swung at Draco and landed a solid punch on his jaw, which knocked him to the floor.

Harry obviously has PMS. His quill, cauldron, and books rained down around him. Harry jumped down out of his seat, grabbed Draco by the front of his robes, and the two of them rolled over and over, hitting at each other with relish. The rest of the class swung around to look at them, and Snape began running towards them, shouting at them to desist.

Harry, who had been looking over at Snape, Because the natural thing to do midfight is look away. He flew backward and slammed into the wall, knocking his head hard against the ancient stone. Everything went black. Harry had knocked the wind out of him. If he was out of breath, how did he hit Harry into the wall? Fighting the ringing noise in his ears, he looked around. There was Harry -- still looking like Draco -- lying sprawled on the stone floor, blood pooling under his head.

Draco looked away, suddenly afraid he was about to get in some real trouble, and saw Snape, struggling to restrain a frantic Ron and Hermione, who were fighting to get to him. Shouldn't Snape be over by Harry-As-Draco preforming some first aid magic? Isn't that just a tad more important? As he watched, Hermione broke free and ran to him, seizing him by the sleeve of his robes. She thought he was Harry. He looked up, saw the stunned faces of the Gryffindors watching him, the scowls on the faces of the Slytherins.

They all thought he was Harry. Snape strode forward and peeled Hermione off him, shoving her aside. Draco could hear the buzzing as the other students yelled at Snape -- the Slytherins were silent, but the Gryffindors were all shouting that Draco had punched Harry first.

Snape came oozing up to Draco and peered into his face. We're just going to let Harry bleed out. He hit me first.

Guess Draco's the one with brain injury. What happened after that was a bit of a blur for Draco. Nothing happened.

Madam Pomfrey was waiting for them; How? Snape didn't send anyone to warn her.

Draco wound up sitting in a hard chair across from Snape, who was staring at him, eyes glittering with malice. How do you like that? You're the one who let him bleed out while you shouted at Draco-As-Harry. Draco was touched. And throw in some detention? And he stood up and stalked out of the room.

The Draco Trilogy by Cassandra Claire. Complete.

Madam Pomfrey snorted. Now sit still.

Oh, wait But the door of the infirmary burst open and Ron and Hermione came pouring in, their eyes lighting up when they saw Draco. It was a horrible feeling, like one of those dreams where he was dead and looking down at his own body.

Harry lay with his arms crossed, still looking exactly like Draco in every particular, his white-blond hair bloody where his head had hit the wall. Draco felt a wave of nausea overcome him and he stepped back, which was fortunate because at that moment Ron and Hermione hit him head-on like a bullet train. Draco allowed himself a smile. Madam Pomfrey shooed them towards the door, which Ron was now holding open.

Draco gave a last glance back at Harry as they left the infirmary. Draco trailed after Ron and Hermione as they hurried back towards Gryffindor Tower. Ron kept up a steady stream of chatter, the topic of which seemed to be how pleased everyone in Gryffindor would be that Harry had nearly killed Draco Malfoy in Potions.

This should clue Ron into the fact that it's not Harry. It doesn't. Fred and George Weasley, sitting by the fire, greeted them with shouts of welcome. He would definitely be complaining to his father about this when he got his body back. They'd even taken a year off school to run the thing.

Draco had not missed them. It should be a dead giveaway anyway. Harry likes the Twins. He wouldn't be sitting there getting all steamed up. Then he felt a small hand wrap around his arm and he saw Hermione next to him, looking up at him with concern.

Ron isn't my favorite character but he's not that dumb. Is Hermione really so enamored with Harry she can't pay attention to him?

Draco Trilogy

For someone who's so in love with him she doesn't know Harry at all. Draco bristled. Canon Harry thinks none of those things. And 'the ladies love him' just sounds douchey. Why is Draco still playing along with this? He hates Ron and Hermione. Why sit around listening to how awful he is?

And yet they don't ask if Harry is feeling okay, even though he's obviously gone wackadoodle. These are the worst friends ever. He had always assumed that Potter and his friends hated him as much as he hated them.

Well, it looked like Weasley probably did, but Hermione A Mudblood feel sorry for Draco Malfoy? Share This article is not part of the Harry Potter universe. This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the Harry Potter universe.

The Draco Trilogy is a Draco-centric epic written and posted in instalments by Cassandra Clare over a period of six years, consisting three novel-length stories: Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, and Draco Veritas.

Draco Veritas

In the beginning there is a love triangle where both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are interested in Hermione Granger. The trilogy contributed to the popularisation of Fanon Draco, called "Leather Pants Draco" after a famous scene in Draco Sinister where Draco ends up looking good in incredibly tight leather pants. Contents [ show ] Author Judith Rumelt, more commonly known as Cassandra Clare, is the author of many Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fanfictions, including the Draco trilogy, notable for a plagiarism controversy.

Her fanfictions were taken down after Clare began her published career with The City of Bones. As of today, she continues to write the Shadowhunters Chronicles, and plans to write the Magisterium series with Holly Black.

The trilogy Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister, and Draco Veritas are almost one million words or , , and pages and the fanfics were many fans' first introduction to fanfiction. The trilogy is hailed by some as the fanfiction of all Harry Potter fanfiction, but like all things that are hailed, [2] others couldn't or didn't believe the hype.

Draco Dormiens "When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped playing the part of the other. Romance, mistaken identities, Really Cunning Plans, evil bake sales, a love triangle, and snogs galore. Net in August It is the shortest novel in the series by far, totaling roughly 70, words.

The story is an AU, diverging from canon after Goblet of Fire. It is set during Harry's sixth year, and begins when unforeseen consequences with Polyjuice Potion in Potions class cause Harry and Draco to become indefinitely body-swapped.

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